Vulture City Ghost Nights

Join Jay & Marie Yates, more commonly known for their real-life paranormal experiences shared on countless paranormal reality TV shows. What better way to spend an evening than ghost hunting at the legendary Vulture City featured on Travel Channel’s hit show Ghost Adventures and Buzzfeed’s Unsolved Supernatural. This is not a tour but rather a real ghost hunt of Vulture City led by experienced investigators. Whether you are just curious and always wanted to do a ghost hunt or you are a seasoned Paranormal Investigator, Ghost Nights at Vulture City are a great fit for you! Come on out and join the hunt! 

Date- 12/15/2018

Time- 7PM-11PM

Tickets- $60 Per Person SOLD OUT

VultureCityGhostNights (1).png

For more information about hosts Jay & Marie Yates or their team C.O.P.S. follow the links below!